Save Money Tips 3

RADIO – dont go and buy one !!!!! you already have one on your PC..5000 Radio Stations                      

TV ....Got an old fashioned glass type TV ?  Get an LED type TV –  Much cheaper to run and will actually save you money to buy a new one

COOKING Ovens and grills – keep their heat some time after switching off gas or electric so what ever your cooking you wont need the heat 100% of the time especially if you close cooker doors – you save so cook 75% then let the remaining heat do the rest

COOKING – Put covers over cooking pots – this saves more energy – much cheaper

COOKING – Buy a Pressure Cooker – they can save you CASH

COOKING – Peas Carrots – use a microwave – cheaper !

COOKING – Buy potatoes in Cans quite Cheap ! then just microwave, much cheaper than 20 minutes gas cooking them  

COOKING – Think of cold meals like salads – cheaper on energy – more healthy

COOK COOK – Buy a Halogen air cooker – these will cook in no time….. even from frozen and save you loads on your gas bill and they keep a house warm as well ….the best ones are mechanical not electronic ….less to go wrong – may last longer

USE PLASTIC AND GLASS CONTAINERS – We all throw away plenty –  Coffee Jars etc use them in the Microwave for peas carrots Beans Soup etc BUY containers ! No thank you !

RUBBISH !  Not so ! Quite often you get leaflets and commercial advertising as letters through your door look for blank reverse sides on white paper – then use it – shopping lists, plans, ideas things to do today, … thank you very much ! Better than buying writing pads  

DEFROST Your fridge regular this can increase the fridges efficiency but it will also give so many days free 10% over a year = £25

STAY WARM AND COOL use light colour curtains in summer – to reflect heat from the sun use dark colour curtains in winter to absorb heat on windows that face the sun extra heat = money

USE… your old car oil  – use small quantities to coat metal and old tools – free protection

For Computer people – old mechanical hard drives eat power sometimes a pc might have 2 our pc is on 15 – 18 hours per day so it eats power get an electricity consumption meter from your electricity company we found out – our pc 168 w + 43 watts  from a monitor = 2.5kw per day = £184 per year – this is what we did ! unplugged the CD Rom removed a floppy drive removed unused cards – replaced the HD with a 128 gig SSD consumption 1.8W cost £49 from – operating system just 2 gigs programs 20 gigs leaves 100g + for data result power consumption fell in half – operating speeds  like lightening ! – then we powered the whole thing from 5 x 80 watts solar power system = result – we removed it from the mains saving £200 per annum even better would be to use lap top – they have much lower power consumption – ours = 43 W easily enough for solar panels

DID YOU KNOW ? – In Germany ordinary people have turned to alternative energy so much that the national output from power stations has dropped 20% in the last few years which is a big chunk of domestic electricity output – you can see the motivation its money, why pay the bills ? – once you invest in solar power you have it for 25 years you might say it could cost £6000 + to achieve this – but not if you install it yourself  we got our panels from Ebay for £80 Go Green and save your bills FOR YOU think how much you will save in 25 years !!! and energy prices are going up

BRIGHT IDEA – Ordinary light bulbs – expensive – Energy saving light bulbs – less EXPENSIVE … Better ! LED Bulbs are even much cheaper to run and they will outlast everything ! You can run them from mains or some types on 12v look on Ebay – much cheaper than shops …..we run ours free forever from solar power

LAPTOPS are a lot cheaper to run than pc`s  by 60% – can you save your money ? in your pocket !

CHEAP HOLIDAYS – GO CAMPING We did – Paris, Germany, UK, Holland much cheaper and more fun  (See below )

CHEAP FERRY TRIPS – Look out for transit 1am to 6 am  dont use a ferry operator that charges you for the days you spend abroad what they are selling is the trip there and back not the days in between – use one that charges for the trips – we go to France for £11 each way and stayed 5 days – better value

CUT DRINKS BOTTLES in half use them  for pot plants … But dont buy them – take cuttings and see if they grow

BREAD – Keep a loaf in the fridge – it lasts longer

CAFFINE in tea and coffee de-hydrates you – result ! Im gasping for a cuppa ! A vicious cycle – next time have a drink of plain water …. Refill your body with water its healthier and cheaper  

SCRAP METAL – dont put it in the dustbin or call someone that charges you to take it away….an old fridge can be worth upto £35 !!!!  save it up and take it to a scrap dealer save the planet and recycle the scrap –  into your own pocket and save you !!! Especially car batteries and copper pipes  

HOW TO AVOID PARKING TICKETS – Dont break the law or better ! Dont bother going there….. theres plenty of shops in East London in fact to many, if you look around most homes its full of clutter anyway, people will buy anything what for, they dont know – spend it wisely or better still get a bike ! And travel FREE we did and cut £2000+ plus, from someone else`s free dinner fuel bills

BANK BANK – Cheque account who needs one, go overdrawn and get charged per day, use an account that is a debit or credit card go overdrawn and get charged interest at 1.1% per month – much cheaper and safer

CARS COMPUTER MANAGEMENT – Think carefully if you buy a car with computer engine management – fine… what happens when it goes wrong ? You cant fix it, you would probably need a main dealer service facility at £100 per hour – we would never buy one… in 70`s and 80`s cars never had all this – fixing them was easy and cheap an old car might be a better idea if you look after it – or better still get a 70`s car and really look after it these are increasing in value and you might end up not paying road tax and selling the car for a nice profit – A car is meant to get YOU places A to B cumfy and warm reliable and reasonably cheap computers just COST BRAIN DAMAGE

THE MONEY YOU SAVE … We brought stocks and shares now they are low …. Because of the recession, in a couple of years things will be back to normal and share prices will rise sharply leaving you much better off than savings accounts – thats what Banks do with your money anyway

Car De-icer … Get an empty spray bottle fill it with half water and a little vinegar

CAR WIPER BLADES – they seem to age but you can solve this its really a build up of grease and dirt Clean them with vinegar – it works good dont wipe away your money ~!

CAR FUEL ECONOMY – Make sure your tyres are pumped to the correct manufacturers pressure

CAR … Drive with your foot on the gas in one constant position for as long as you can the cruising economy fuel consumption is much less than accelerating   

DONT BUY an alarm clock or clock radio – you already have one a mobile phone and its free to run !

SCRAP METAL – This turning into big money heres what you do! Put all your scrap in a bin in your back garden DONT put it in the rubbish bin or public bins, food cans bitz and pieces old scraps – once a year take to the re-cyclers and sell it – for a nice holiday in Spain, sun sun  and fun, only trouble is coming back

MUSIC DONT BUY an MP3 music player – look on your mobile phone !