Save Money Tips 5

IF YOU use a sink to wash how much water goes on your face or hands ??? – really when you look only a small amount not a sink full – well really you only need 1 – 2 inches of water to do the job very well – well when you boil a kettle to make a cupa then just put a little extra in for hot water to have a wash FREE

GET A BICYCLE  now thats a money saving idea … ok it may take time to go places …. It takes more time to buy a car  : bicycle – !!! Think road safety first ! And a good chain and padlock get the lights from a pound shop and use rechargeable batteries and stop paying to live

VERY FLASHY SHOPS ? Who pays for all that ? Someone else ? Very Flashy prices ?

FRIDGE – FREEZER – Make sure the rubber seals are clean and in good condition – this effects the energy and running costs and your money  

GOING ON HOLIDAY – Best time for this is when England is cold and other countries are nice and warm = you save money and get the best for less….. mid summer UK is when prices are higher go on holiday in the UK winter and save money on holiday

LIGHTING – look on Ebay and get LED Light bulbs they are even cheaper to run and a lot cheaper than UK Shop prices and will last you years longer than anything else …..bright idea

TEA TEA COFFEE …you could fill a kettle with just enough to boil water for a tea or coffee cup … but and you could go one step further…. boil a full kettle in the morning and pour the remainder into a thermos flask, keeping it warm for the rest of the day. This saves boiling a kettle several times through the day…. On 5 cups a day you can save £50 per year or more !

FROZEN FOOD .. Remove food from a freezer several hours before cooking and you wont have to pay the energy costs of cooking icy food – let it naturally defrost then spend less money cooking it

OLD CLOTHES – Bag them up and sell them by the Kilo there are companies that buy them as much as 60p a kilo do a google search

COLDER IS BETTER – If you have a freezer put it in the garage it doesnt have to work so hard to keep cold and save CASH

FILMS TV PROGRAMMES – Buy a TV with USB record and keep films on a hard drive – dont forget modern LED TV`s are cheaper to run and save cash  

USE OLD JARS – And store screws nuts bolts etc they can come in very handy old Tvs hifi`s and anything electrical many have many things like this you can salvage and re – use …save any pieces of metal ( as well as food cans ) to take to the recyclers and get some FREE money

CHRISTMAS – some people get some presents they dont want … bag them up keep them fresh and new next year give them to some one else

CHRISTMAS – Use LED lights for a Christmas tree they last for years the old fashioned glass type bulbs are always breaking

CHRISTMAS CARDS – get a rubber that can rub out ink – then re -use the ones sent to you and send them out next year  to someone else ……YES recycle save the planet save your pocket and make sure someone else does`nt get a free Christmas dinner

ENERGY METER – Contact your electricity supplier –  about these and find out just where your money is really going …you might get one free

GET A SLOW COOKER – Very Cheap to buy and reliable to run … meat potatoes gravy and more come home and everything is done for pennies