Save Money Tips 4

WATCH OUT ! out for global warming in the summer and Global colding in the winter ( trouble is the summers are rubbish as well in London )

BUY A HOUSE – With a South Facing front or back – The sun coming through the windows will warm your home, other directions cost you money ! And someone is making a lot of money from gas heating

DONT Buy House plants – find some nice ones somewhere else and take cuttings BUSINESS – When they grow – make more and sell them cash cash

COMPUTERS A  LAPTOP on for 10 hours = 430w =10p  =£39 per year  A computer =2500w =62p per day =£226 per annum – the lap top is cheaper to run

SAVE CHRISTMAS Presents you dont want – wrap them carefully – next year give them to someone else

ONE DAY ..A homeless tramp died in Sweden everyone one knew him for years years and years then they did an investigation, he was worth = 264 Million – he had invested every penny given to him in Stox and shares guess what silly people gave away …..£264 million  !!!

SAVE ….use all your old washing up greens for house cleaning

SAVE When towels wear out use them as tea towels when they are warn out use them for house cleaning when they wear out use them for car cleaning when they wear out sell them for recycling

BABIES – Cost a lot of money – make sure someone ! can pay for them !

WHERE ? Go where people spend money, city centres and holiday centres no point trying to be rich where no one is spending money

LIFE INSURANCE – Good idea ? ,  spend it ?  When ?  

MAKE COLD meals such as salads often = these dinner dont cost money to cook, healthier as well

BUY your own house ?  How much ? RENT ? How much – ! – Easy…. buy a caravan or mobile home, much cheaper, very cosy, cheap to maintain, and its a start and you wont be half dead before you pay for it

LANDLINE PHONES Cost money – if you dont use a phone often its a better idea to have a Pay as you go mobile as a house phone – now thats saving money

DONT BUY A CAR with electronics all over it – complicated to fix and very expensive when it goes wrong

JUNK MAIL – Thank you !!!! check to see if the reverse side of documents leaflets etc can be used for shopping lists – things to do today lists dont buy writing pads ! Use scrap paper !

SAVE YOUR CANS ! As you get a drinks or food cans flatten them = a shoe will do this save them up and after a year take them to be recycled AT A SCRAP METAL DEALER scrap aluminium is worth a  £700 ton yes please ! – Dont put them in the rubbish bin ……Recycle them back in your own pocket and you save the planet   

WHOLESALE – you will always use things like tea bags, washing powder , Washing up liquid tea towels cans of peas etc so why not find out local wholesalers buy in bulk and save money – then you save by not using an english car on trips to the shops  

GET A STEAM CLEANER These really work very well and clean really good and you dont have to spend money on nasty chemicals for years

GET A DOGGY ???? WOOF ! Yes wait to you get the vets bill + woof + blood +VAT – get a plastic one from a pound shop Ha ! That wont leave brown surprises  (a pup)

LIGHT SHADES – YES your paying to light up a home then paying to keep half the light inside the shade, and a light shade costs even more money and then you clean it

GETTING MARRIED How much £50,000 + babies + everything else +VAT +Tax + Parking tickets +divorce quick ….run for your life …..maybe better PAY AS YOU GO !!!  

OLD JUNK – Do a car Boot sale see if you can sell it