Save Money Tips 2

A shop ??? Rent £1000 per month Rates = same…. electricity insurance staff …. Repairs who pays for all this ????? Answer YOU DO and now you have got to pay to park to go to these places who`s doing who a favour ???? Much better idea to go To Dagenham Sunday market where prices are lower and you can park for FREE

PARKING ???? BUSES ??? Money money money by the time you have gone through all this….Get a Bike we use one for local journeys –  someone doesnt get a free dinner from us !!!! After a while you realise you can make loads of good journeys FREE FREE FREE go green and keep your money in your own pocket – you can get a good bike from a car boot sale ours cost us £20 – its saves us loads every year -Say Goodbye to £7 per gallon expensive fuel    

Seen TV ??? Supermarkets advertise and the prices are going up all the time we go to Aldi and Lidle much cheaper !!!!

MORE IS BETTER   When you find something cheap and you use all the time…. buy loads …….toilet rolls tea bags etc then you dont have to make expensive trips  

CLEAN AND CHEAPER   We put Washing up liquid in our washing machine – it worked well ! and MUCH cheaper – Good for work clothes

Save the planet ? Good idea make sure some one pays you for all your hard work !!!

Use rechargeable batteries !!!! 500 times over – they will save you a fortune

BRIGHT IDEA torch???  Get an LED one – batteries last forever and no bulbs to break – use rechargeables – even cheaper

GAS ELECTRICS RATES Pay bills online cheaper No journeys no stamps – better saves you time money and effort go for dual fuel agreements and save more and more cheaper by direct debit

Going green – save the planet what’s going to happen if its not saved ?  See if you can make some money recycling money back in your own pocket

PARK AND TAKEN FOR A RIDE FREE…. To rent a small shop £15000 Rates £12000 ? electricity Staff Insurance stock- open all hours and you buy something who pays for all this ? answer YOU DO – buy from market stalls – cheaper

SEE THROUGH WINDOWS How to make window cleaner – get a spray bottle put in about a quarter of inch of white vinegar add 2 drops of washing Up liquid fill to the top with water  – you have made window cleaner !!!!! If you go and buy this they must see you coming

TOILET CLEANER Get an empty plastic bottle- about 750 ml fil with 200 ml of vinegar + approx 80 ml of washing up liquid then fill to the top with water you can use this as toilet cleaner – it works good over night – it works better when you dont have to pay for it !!

Search for money saving ideas – we did ……there are loads

PUFF PUFF Spend money on cigarettes !!! Yes please someone makes a lot of money out if this and they rather you didn’t stop handing it over  – dont be a mug – you are being taken for a one big ride and your money up in smoke …..addicted to giving it away …

FREE SUNSHINE ENERGY Solar panels – we got some from Ebay 80w x 5 = 400 w per hour you need car batteries a regulator ( £23 ) and an inverter that can change 12v to 240v mains….. result approx £200+ saved this year and more every year as prices will rise for the 25 YEARS = you save a fortune – easy to use and set up but you have to learn how, no good for electric heating but good for TV`s energy saving light bulbs computers radios etc

GET COLDER FREE ! SAVE £££ss We used old copper pipes approx 2ft sections on the radiator at the back of fridges and freezers this made the fridge run more efficiently saving electricity, once done…. your saving every year !

WAKE UP FREE Some people use a clock radio – costs money to buy and money to run – if you look on most mobile phones they have an alarm clock – use it …. That doesent cost any money !

DVD RECORDERS _ HARD DRIVE RECORDERS ? – expensive not very reliable – DVDs may not play, – Answer !  we got a TV that has USB Record then stored films and TV on a PC – quality much better more reliable and virtually free to run, you can watch on computers and laptops or transfer back to USB memory stick and replay on TV. …A 1TB external hard drive  can store 500 films +…..smaller more efficient much cheaper and much less space! than DVD`s you can also get freeview boxes and TV`s  that have USB record ( look on Amazon and Ebay ) cost about £20 why pay more ? In shops ?

MUSIC – No need to buy a stereo system  – use your PC, Lap top or Pad or mobile and make up play lists etc for better quality you simply plug a Hifi  to the audio out from your device … Parties, Disco, and a music Machine,