Modern methods of erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile dysfunction may be an independent disease due, in particular, to psychological factors, as well as a manifestation of other chronic diseases (vascular, endocrine, neurogenic genesis) and other chronic diseases. Thus, problems with erection may be due to prostatitis, prostate adenoma, some inflammatory and infectious urological diseases. Therefore, when you go to the doctor about problems with erectile function it is so important to make a complete diagnosis and establish the exact causes of this condition.

Modern clinics present a unique, most modern non-surgical and drug-free method for treating problems with potency – shock wave therapy. The uniqueness of the procedure lies in the approach to treatment from a new angle, unconventional, but extremely effective – therapy specializes in the treatment of blood vessels of the sexual organ, which automatically eliminates the problems caused by many urological diseases, such as prostatitis. With UHT, it is possible to achieve a lasting effect in just 8 treatments.

Doctors urologists already at the first signs of erectile dysfunction can determine the exact cause and make up an effective comprehensive research program. Clinics have all the necessary modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Many years of practical experience of urologists allow the clinic to achieve excellent results for its patients. If you are looking for medications, you can buy them here

Treatment options

The important question is whether it is possible to eliminate the cause. If the dysfunction is caused by hormonal changes, this can be corrected by compensating for missing hormones. If the cause cannot be eliminated, such as with neurological disorders, diabetes, atherosclerosis, etc., then the choice is symptomatic therapy – with medications, injections, vacuum devices, prostheses – or surgery. This provides immediate or long-term potency without affecting the cause of the disease. Shock-wave procedures provide pathogenetic therapy – eliminate pathological processes in the tissues that cause erectile dysfunction. After therapy, you can either completely abandon or significantly reduce the use of drugs that stimulate erections.


  • Epidemiological studies suggest that about 1 in 10 men worldwide suffers from erectile dysfunction.
  • Erectile dysfunction most often develops over a long period of time: after the threshold of 60 years it occurs in about 30% of men.
  • In 8 out of 10 cases, the cause of erectile dysfunction is related to physical changes in the body.