How to give a romantic ring to a man

For members of the stronger sex, romance in relationships is as important as for women. In the candy and bouquet period it is customary to exchange cute surprises in the hope of pleasing your significant other. But once the relationship moves to a new level of intimacy, gifts become more serious, especially when it comes to birthdays.

How to give a ring to a man

It is generally believed that a gold ring should be given to a man. Breaking the tradition and breaking the rules, you get the main advantage – the surprise effect, and he is half the success of any gift. Before you decide to buy a ring for your loved one in honor of his birthday, make sure that the surprise will be pleasant.

  1. If your boyfriend does not wear any accessories on principle, choose something else for him – the ring will still gather dust in his casket. And after all, the main purpose of the jewelry is a constant reminder of your love.
  2. A gold bracelet, a watch with a metal case and cufflinks are the nearest “neighbors” to the ring. They must match the ring in color and style.
  3. Think about what the man is interested in. An avid fan will like a ring with the emblem of his favorite team engraved on it. A biker will appreciate a powerful white gold ring with a black inlay.
  4. Try to find out the exact size of the ring. There are two options to measure the circumference of the finger and not lead a man to suspicion.

The first is to act while he is sleeping: take the inelastic thread, wrap it around your finger, and divide the resulting length by 3,14. The figure must be rounded upwards – this will be the size. The larger the fingers, the more massive the ring can be. Do you like wide models with a height of bars more than 8 mm? Choose a piece of jewelry that is 0.5 mm larger than the standard size. It will pass through the joint easily and sit comfortably on the phalanx.

The second way is to do a fun survey during a party with friends and measure the fingers of everyone present. Make up the theme yourself. Memorize the number your boyfriend says and do the math later. This can be a good solution if you want to choose engagement rings vancouver.

A man may not think too much about how to give a ring to the girl he loves. He just needs to invite her to a romantic dinner and at the right time to open a velvet box, which will sparkle with diamond jewelry – surprise, delight and undisguised happiness on the face of betrothed is ensured.